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The Home Alone shopping list price today!

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Between inflation and the astronomical rise in the cost of living, many of us are now left wondering: “What would Kevin’s grocery bill come to today?” One TikTok user, Geoffrey Lyons, did the math, and let’s just say, if Kevin was shopping today (in the US), he’d need more than a $20 bill.


Kevin’s shopping list

TV dinner

Loaf of Wonder Bread

Frozen mac and cheese

Cling wrap

Half gallon (2L) of milk

Tide laundry detergent

Toilet paper

Half gallon (2L) of orange juice

Pack of army men

Dryer sheets


After all the items are rung up, Kevin hands a $20 bill to Sally, the store clerk, spending a total of $19.83. And that’s with the $1 off coupon for the Tropicana orange juice.


So, how much would Kevin McAllister’s groceries cost in 2023? The bill would start at USD $63.73. Plus tax which would bring the total to $68.00 (after the $1.00 coupon, of course).


Lyons notes that there is a 248% percent increase in price.



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