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Mom names baby after dog that passed and internet makes fun

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It can be challenging to choose a name for your baby and people find name inspiration in all kinds of places. But one mom on TikTok is being called out for sharing that she named her baby boy after her beloved dog, who died right before her first child was born.

Ambyr was devastated when her pup, Henry Myles, passed away just two days before the birth of her son. But she found a way to honor the dog and keep his memory alive by naming her baby after him. She says that she sees the spirit of her fur baby in her son, explaining that she’s “pretty sure they have the same soul.”

The grieving mom of one proudly shows off her smiling baby boy, Henry Myles, in the video, which has text that reads, “Did you really name your son after your dog?” And the caption replies, “Yep!” TikTokers took to the comments section with lots of opinions on the namesake, and while some were baffled by the idea, others sympathized and shared kind words to the mourning mama.

  • “Why not,” writes one. “He’s named after something that is the purest thing on Earth.”
  • “I don’t know if I could do it, simply because I’d cry every time I hear the name,” another shares.
  • And a third comments, “I was named after my parent’s dog! And I LOVE my name♥️”

Source: Kidspot

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