Florida Georgia Line talk about those rumors about a break up!

Florida Georgia Line posted a video call on Facebook to share the exciting news with fans saying, "This may be a little long, but it's real, and that's what FGL is all about. We love our fans and want to share with you guys everything we are working on and excited about for 2021." 

During the video call shared to Facebook, Tyler addressed the issue head-on, saying, "We've always been a package deal, but I think there's freedom in this time to be able to not always be a package deal. I have a strong peace about the next journey, the next chapter. Just to clarify, FGL's not breaking up. We're just venturing out."

Brian added his thoughts, which resonated deep to honor his spiritual journey during the past year. 

"Having some extra time this year — being in a pandemic year and a lot of uncertainty and a lot of extra time being down here in Florida with Brittney and the dogs — I did a lot of soul searching, man. And I took some time off of writing songs. I didn't know what I was searching for, and kind of where I landed was really falling in love with my guitar and writing songs again. Even more than ever, man. And nobody knows this, but it's been a lifelong dream of mine, and I feel like I started writing an album once I started writing again. A couple of songs that I felt like,' I'm supposed to sing these.' It really created this freedom for ourselves in addition to what we do with FGL. That was cool navigating through what that looks like. Having (Hubbard's) blessing means everything, and it really completes the whole perspective of my life. There's nothing more important for everyone to honor your life's calling."