Mark Cuban Wants To Turn This Texas Town Into Jurassic Park

Photo: Getty Images

Shark Tank cast member and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, wants to turn one Texas town into Jurassic Park.

Cuban originally bought the ghost town back in December of 2021. My San Antonio reported that the billionaire told Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show about his plans for the town, which is south of Dallas.

Cuban says he wants to turn the town, called Mustang, into Dinosaur, Texas. He said he wants to have huge Jurassic Park-like figures placed all around.

Cuban got the idea after investing in Dino Don form Shark Tank. Cuban told Barrymore on the show, "He makes the animatronic dinosaurs, these huge dinosaurs that look and sound real. We haven't worked through it yet, but there's a chance we might change Mustang, Texas to Dinosaur, Texas...but that's a long shot."

The town was originally bought by Cuban to help the family of a friend who had passed away from cancer. It's still unknown exactly how much he paid for it.

Cuban says he isn't the mayor of the city though... his friend took on that job instead, which basically consists of ensuring the town stays tidy.

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