4 Texas Companies Cracked The Latest Fortune 500. See The Full List

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Four new Texas companies have been named to the latest Fortune 500 list for the first time. Every year, Fortune ranks the largest U.S. companies based on the latest fiscal year's revenues.

At No. 431 is APA, a mining and crude-oil production company, which raked in $7.9 million in revenue. Diamondback Energy comes in at No. 479 ($6.8 million), followed by EnLink Midstream at No. 485 ($6.7 million) and Southwestern Energy at No. 486 ($6.7 million).

On the whole Fortune 500 list, the top dog is Walmart, which has a market value of nearly $410,000 million. Amazon and Apple round out the top three.

Here's a look at the top 10 Texas-based companies listed on the new rankings:

6) Exxon Mobil ($285.6 million)

9) McKesson ($238.2 million)

13) AT&T ($168.9 million)

29) Phillips 66 ($114.9 million)

30) Valero Energy ($108.3 million)

31) Dell Technologies ($106.9 million)

54) Energy Transfer ($67.4 million)

65) Tesla ($53.8 million)

70) Sysco ($51.3 million)

77) ConocoPhillips ($48.3 million)

To read the full Fortune 500 list, click here.

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