Prep School Student Released For Good Behavior In Sexual Assault Case

Owen Labrie at Home

A former prep school student who was convicted of sexually assaulting his 15-year-old classmate in 2014 has been released from prison for good behavior. Owen Labrie was found guilty of several misdemeanor sexual assault charges for luring a female student to the math and science building at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire where he assaulted her.

Labrie was sentenced to 12 months in jail in 2015, but he appealed his conviction and a judge suspended his sentence. He was allowed to stay with his mother but had to adhere to a curfew. Less than a year later, he was found to have violated the curfew and spent two months in jail.

Labrie's appeals failed and he was ordered to serve the final ten months of his original prison term. After spending an additional six months behind bars, he was released for good behavior. He is still required to register as a sex offender.

"Owen is happy to be home with his family. He will be settling in and working on rebuilding his life," his lawyers said in a statement to ABC News. "He'd like to thank the friends and family that have stood by him and supported him all these years."

Photo: Getty Images


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