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TSA Shares Items That They Find In Suitcases

Packing is hard. So many rules! And sometimes in the excitement of going on vacation, we pack the things that we just feel we can't live without.

Thank goodness TSA has a sense of humor and has shared a few things they have found while going through our suitcases and we're laughing a little.

How about an oak tree? Looks like it made for a zen like flight.

Sometimes it's not what was packed on the plane, it's what flew in when nobody was looking. Thank goodness for this bird dude!

This possum tho.

If you can find room in your carry on, by all means, bring a tent! These days, you never know what's in store with flight delays.

Hot sauce approved after heavy testing!

For seasoned travelers only.

Errrrr...looks like tattoo equipment. With a story.

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