Walmart shoplifter’s getaway attempt foiled by motorized shopping cart!

A New Jersey woman was carted off by cops after she got into multiple accidents involving a motorized shopping cart she kept hitting in her attempt to escape.

Siedah S. Smith filled a Walmart shopping cart with over $200 worth of merchandise and left it at a self-checkout in order to go through the trash and find a receipt long enough to look real. The 34-year-old grabbed one and took it, along with her cart, walking past security guards who kept trying to get her attention.

Smith tried to bolt the parking lot in her car, but hit a woman on a motorized shopping cart and got involved in an altercation with her -- hitting her a second time during the squabble and dragging the cart into the side of a police cruiser that had been called to the scene. (Jersey Journal)

Photo Getty Images-Justin Sullivan/staff


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