Sheriff, County Named as Defendants in Death of Child

A local law firm is seeing justice for a six year old boy who was shot to death by Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies two years ago while he was playing in his bedroom, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Kameron Prescott was shot when four deputies who had been chasing a hot check suspect through Schertz following her to the front porch of the Prescott's home, where his dad Christopher was in the living room and Shane was playing in his bedroom.

Attorney Tom Crosley says the deputies opened fire on the suspect, who was armed with a pipe, and two of the more than a dozen bulllets went through the wall and hit Kameron, who died on the way to the hospital

Crosley says video of the shooting showed there was nothing to justify it.

"You hear 'get down, get down!' and then pop pop pop and she falls," he said. "Then, after a pause, you hear again pop pop pop."

He says the lawsuit, which is filed in federal court against Bexar County, Sheriff Javier Salazar, and the four deputies, is filed despite statutes that generally shield law enforcement from lawsuits. He says the deputies acted in a way that was 'not normal.'

"There is no settlement that we would entertain that doesn't also come with answers,"Crosley said," and an assurance from Bexar County that they have the propert training to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again."

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