y Morgan Montalvo


With 2017  shaping up as another memorable year for tornadoes and isolated  flooding across parts of Central and South Texas, the National Weather  Service is looking for volunteers willing to watch the skies and report  conditions in their areas.

Weather  Service meteorologist Paul Yura will conduct Part 1 & 2 of the  agency's popular "Skywarn" weather awareness and reporting courses at  the University of the Incarnate Word;s Science Bldg. on Saturday, Apr 22  from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Skywarn is offered free of charge.

The  first part of Skywarn introduces students to basic weather and its  terminology while the second, or advanced, class teaches severe weather  theory, assessment and safe reporting techniques.

"It's a great way to learn about weather safety, and also the 'ins' and 'outs' of thunderstorms, as well," Yura said.

Trained  observers play important roles in augmenting Weather Service  forecasting and, when necessary, issuing emergency notifications, Yura  said.

The NWS, Yura said, needs more Skywarn-qualified observers in the southern parts of San Antonio and Bexar County.